How We Do It

A PLANET CUBA consultation has the following steps: the evaluation, the tour plan, the arrangements, and the execution.


The Evaluation

A PLANET CUBA trip is not for everyone.  First, we get acquainted.  I learn about your goals and objectives for a trip to Cuba, and your budget.  I advise if you qualify for a permitted travel purpose under the US travel restrictions.  There are several permitted travel purposes that require no advance approval from the U.S. Government.  In any case, I will advise you on the most appropriate method for you to travel legally.  I determine if PLANET CUBA tour specialists can make the arrangements you need.  We discuss how many are in your travel group if there is more than yourself.  When you and I are comfortable with the Evaluation, we then make a plan.


The Tour Plan

We should start working on the plan at least 60 days prior to your travel dates.  You and I determine what your parameters are for the trip, whether you wish to stay in a comfortable private house, or at a higher cost in a hotel, what exactly you want to do and where you want to go, and of course, exactly when you want to travel.  I take this information and develop a proposed itemized budget for your review.  Then, with your consent, and after I receive your non-refundable deposit and our signed Limits of Liabiity form, I provide the tour plan to the appropriate PLANET CUBA tour specialist to make the arrangements.


The Arrangements

PLANET CUBA is not a travel agency.  We will advise you what agency to use for booking flights directly to Cuba or through a third country.  We will also advise you on how to acquire the documents that establish your legal travel purpose under US travel restrictions, if applicable.  You are responsible for making these travel arrangements directly with the appropriate travel agency.  You should begin making such arrangements at least 30 days in advance of your trip.


Your PLANET CUBA tour specialist will then make arrangements in Cuba that fulfill your travel goals, such as private housing reservations, appointments for private instruction or visits to schools or hospitals, securing a driver and car if needed, and all other arrangements in Cuba.  When these are confirmed, I will provide you with the final details for meeting your PLANET CUBA tour specialist upon arrival in Cuba.

The Execution

Finally, the day arrives for you to launch your mission to Planet Cuba.  You will meet your tour specialist at the airport and your travel itinerary will begin there according to our plan.  If this was your intent, your tour specialist will be with you every day, through to your airport departure.  By then your tour specialist will have become a new friend with whom you have shared unforgettable, positive, and probably life changing experiences.



Non-Refundable Deposit payable to Thor Anderson upon your approved completion of the trip plan and prior to the tour specialist beginning to make arrangements in Cuba.


    $100 for the first traveler

    $20 for each additional traveler in your group


    Tour Specialist Gift of cash or goods

    Recommendations will be given upon preparation of the trip plan


A note on costs: You will find that, once we complete your budget for your trip, the total cost, including my consulting fee and tour guide gifts, will be less than the cost of an equivalent tour package from a conventional tour operator or even a specialty operator.  Plus, your experience will be much richer than anything you will get with a conventional tour package. 


Folkloric dance troupe Banrara performing in Havana in December, 2002.